We Are Ostomates

There are approximately 7000 Ostomates in New Zealand!

Ostomy NZ (The Federation of Ostomy Societies NZ) represents, at a national level, the interests of 19 regional Ostomy Societies located throughout New Zealand.

Our focus is to help Ostomates and their families or caregivers. It is our goal to help them feel educated and empowered so they can lead a normal life.

Our Vision

All Ostomates in New Zealand living a full and confident life

Our Mission

Ostomy NZ work’s with member societies, individuals and families to promote quality of life for people with an Ostomy through education, support and advocacy.

Our History

Ostomy New Zealand was originally started by Ruth Wedlake who was the first Stomal Therapy Nurse in New Zealand. It was her vision to bring together Ostomates in a place they felt supported and understood. In 1972 the first national body was formed – NZ Council of Ostomy Associations and under this council it grew to 23 affiliated societies around New Zealand. During this time the National Body had a name change to the Federation of NZ Ostomy Societies and became an incorporated society in 1981. This body is now known as Ostomy New Zealand.

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Our Purpose

The Board of Ostomy New Zealand all have backgrounds within the Ostomy world and use their knowledge and business skills to build upon the vast success that the organisation has amassed thus far.

Currently there are 19 societies/support groups within New Zealand. They are run autonomously by the selected committees and Presidents within the regions, but each follow the core values set down by the Federation. Ostomy NZ unifies and strengthens its affiliated societies which are organised for the benefit of Ostomates.

For the future of Ostomy New Zealand, we plan to build and maintain the working relationships with the Stomal Therapy Nurses, the DHB’s and the Ministry of Health for the benefit of all Ostomates within New Zealand. We plan to increase the community and those surrounding an Ostomate for support and empowerment. Ostomy New Zealand will continue to encourage growth and expanding of the regional societies throughout New Zealand.

Ostomy New Zealand is a registered charity that supports, empowers and advocates for people who have had or will have intestinal or diversion surgery.

We are here for all people impacted by Ostomy or diversion surgery. Whether you are seeking to join one of our regional societies or whether you are an individual or medical provider seeking the answers you need, Ostomy NZ is here to help.


Get invaluable support from your local group. Your membership also assists in the work we are doing on ensuring we continue to get appropriate service from the health system.