Children With An Ostomy

Having a sick child, no matter what age, can be overwhelming.

It is natural to experience many different emotions. Each family’s beliefs, expectations, and concerns before and after ostomy surgery vary. All feelings are normal and okay. Coping is easier with support from other parents and from hospital staff who have experience with children who have ostomies. After surgery, your child needs support.

Your smiles and the warmth of your touch will help relax your child in this unfamiliar situation. Being patient, supportive and involved from the beginning will also help your child adjust to having an ostomy.

Children are very accepting, and after a relatively short period of time, they will become at ease with their ostomy.

The “Sam has a Stoma” book from the UK, helps young children become familiar with stoma surgery. Designed as a story/colouring book, it provides the child, as well as their siblings, with information in preparation for surgery, recovery from the operation and return to full activity.


Remember if you need further help or support to make contact with us as we are here to help you!