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With only a very little extra organisation, an ostomate can travel anywhere in New Zealand or overseas.

Do remember to: -

  • Keep your equipment in a cool place: a car boot can get very hot and cause deterioration to adhesive etc.
  • Carry some spare appliances with you in your hand luggage on plane or train as other luggage can be lost for considerable periods of time.
  • Plan to use the type of appliance with which you are totally familiar; test new ones when at home!
  • If planning a long stay away, take all the appliances you will need for your whole trip. If this is not possible, enquire from your Ostomy Society, stoma care nurse or appliance manufacturer of the availability of products in other areas and their possible cost.
  • Obtain the contact address of the Ostomy Society of any overseas country from the FNZOS.
  • Ask your doctor to prescribe some anti-diarrheal medication - be careful about “drinking” water in some countries. Bottled water is widely available.
  • Outdoor work in hot weather may be fun but remember your liquids.
  • Obtain a Travel Certificate from the Federation, your Stomal Therapist or local Society to forestall any problems with Customs Officers.
  • Take along any medications you are supposed to take regularly. Make sure everything is labelled so that a doctor will know exactly what you may need in case of an unplanned consultation.
  • Some ostomates find it advisable to provide shade for their stoma when sitting for long periods in the sun e.g. when travelling by car, bus or train.