Congratulations to the Taranaki Ostomy Society for a friendly, informative and well organised Ostomy Conference    It was a great weekend.

As a result of the AGM we have a new Executive.   We sadly said farewell to President Richard, Treasurer Barry and Committee Members Geoff and Mandy.   Thanks for all your work.

Now the new team is Jill Newton moving up as President (remaining as Editor of the NZ Ostomate Magazine), David Barnes as Vice President, Robyn Gall as Treasurer and Shelley McDougal and Kallia Patching as Committee Members.   Lee King is staying on as Secretary and Karl Moen and Jan Haines as Committee Members

The October Edition of the Ashburton Ostomy Society's Newsletter is now availablenewsletter 20

The July/August Newsletter is now available for downloading.

newsletter 20

The June Edition of the Bay of Plenty Newsletter is available for download.

newsletter 20

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