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 Patron: Mr G.J. Roadley, FRACS

The first New Zealand Ostomy Society was formed in Christchurch in 1961. There are now 19 Societies covering the country from Whangarei in the North to Dunedin in the south  The Federation came into being in 1972. With a population of over 4.5 million there are nearly 6,000 ostomates in New Zealand, which is one in every 760 persons. This ratio is very similar to that found in Australia.

The first Ostomy nurse in NZ was Ruth Wedlake from Dunedin who did her training in 1964 in Cleveland Ohio under the World’s First Ostomy Nurse, Norma Gill, and Dr Rupert Turnbull. The Federation’s Journal, the N.Z. OSTOMATE, was launched in 1983 and is now in its 33rd year. Published 3 times per year and is distributed free to all New Zealand ostomates, mainly with their supplies. A number of copies are sent overseas to other Ostomy Associations. N.Z Ostomate just published its 102nd issue.

The Federation also publishes a booklet, LIVING WITH YOUR OSTOMY, which is available free to all new ostomates through your Stomal Therapist or local Ostomy Society

A Travel Certificate is also available from Societies or can be downloaded from the website. Each Society has its Trained Ostomy Visitors who are available on request to visit those who will require Ostomy surgery, as well as to the new ostomate. These visits can be made either in the patient’s home or in the Hospital. The use of trained Ostomy visitors has proved very beneficial in the rehabilitation of many NZ ostomates.

Upcoming Events

Sun Dec 04 @12:30PM -
Canterbury Christmas Luncheon
Sat Feb 25 @12:00AM
Executive Meeting
Sat Aug 05 @12:00AM
2017 Conference & AGM


With 5,000 ostomates in NZ and only 2,000 members, we need to enroll more ostomates as members to give us that strong voice that is needed when negotiating with Government and others on behalf of ALL our ostomates.

To join your local society, please visit the Ostomy Societies page.

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Mission Statement

To work together with families, all medical professionals and Local Health Authorities, to ensure Ostomates and persons with related surgeries of every age and culture in New Zealand and within our Region, receive, free of charge, the best care and equipment that will enable them to lead normal lives of optimum quality.

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